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Stephen Gott is a talented and accomplished concert pianist with a particular focus on the music of Franz Liszt. His participation in the Liszt Society 2019 Piano Competition and subsequent role on the board of trustees suggests recognition and respect in the classical music community.

The collaboration with composer James Sizemore, known for his work on The Hobbit movies, is noteworthy.

Their meeting at the NTD International Piano Competition and subsequent Kickstarter campaign for their album "Everything More Than Anything" speaks to their commitment to exploring and expanding classical music boundaries.

Stephen's passion for bringing classical music to new audiences is commendable, and the success of their Kickstarter campaign indicates a positive reception to their innovative approach. The fact that he's sponsored by Santander UK and The University of Huddersfield Enterprise Team also suggests support and recognition for his endeavours.

Performing in  London, and New York in 2024, along with the release of his first album with James Sizemore, demonstrates a busy and exciting schedule for Stephen Gott. It's always inspiring to see artists actively engaging with their audiences and collaborating across genres to create unique musical experiences.


Read Stephen's interview with the Cross-Eyed Pianist:

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